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2018 ATA $100 Cash Back via Redemption
Allen Company - New for 2018
Anschutz 1771
ATA Arms
Battenfeld - New for 2018
Bushnell Binoculas
Bushnell Night Vision
Bushnell Trail Cameras
Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

The Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit is a must have for a variety of shooters from handloaders trying to optimise load data to archers and air gun enthusiasts. 

CCI - Copper 22lr

CCI - Copper 22lr

NIOA TV went to the Las Vegas SHOTSHOW and caught up with the guys from CCI. Check out the 22lr - Copper range from CCI. 

Eley Ventus - Air Pellets
GRS Riflestocks - Shotshow 2019
Kimber - ShotShow 2018
Lapua - ShotShow 2018
Leupold Mark 5HD
Leupold VX-3i LRP - Long Range Precision

Leupold VX-3i LRP - Long Range Precision

Check out the Leupold Long Range Precision (LRP) Riflescope.

NIOA State Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards

NIOA is a 100% Australian owned company and we provide essential products and services to commercial, law enforcement and military markets. We are proud to be a state finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

NIOA TV - Argentina

NIOA, in conjunction with ATK / Federal Ammunition, ran a year-long competition for our Australian Dealer Network. Seventeen dealers from across the country earned and won their respective seats on a wingshooting expedition to Argentina. Welcome to our very first NIOA TV Special Feature. The 2012 Argentina Dove Hunt.

NIOA TV - Cunnamulla

In this NIOA TV Special Feature join Matt, Ken and Damo as they deliver a radiator to the "Boss" in outback Queensland. With all the hunting, shooting, trail bike riding and field testing, it will be a miracle if they survive the week. Welcome to Cunnamulla.

NIOA TV - Mary River

Join Rob, Ken, Bushy and Matt as they take a couple of suppliers to the edge of Australia. It's buffalo hunting in the 'Top End' at Mary River Station - NIOA TV!

NIOA TV - ShotShow 2013

Join Bushy, Ken and Matt as they navigate their way through 60,000 people to bring you all the highlights of the 2013 Las Vegas Shot Show. See the latest products and hear from the suppliers and manufacturers. It's our largest NIOA TV Special Feature ever! So grab a drink, kick back, relax and enjoy. You'll need some time to watch this one.


At the invitation of Leupold & Stevens, Rob ventured to the Rocky Mountains of Utah for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt Elk. Join us on the adventure - NIOA TV.

Nosler - ShotShow 2018
Nosler RDF - Reduced Drag Factor

Nosler RDF - Reduuced Drag Factor

Nosler knows what gives competitive shooters an edge, isn't an edge at all. It's a point. And we've worked hard to bring you the smallest one ever - creating the flattest shooting match bullet on the market. Make the switch to RDF, and put yourself on the podium.

RCBS - New for 2018
RCBS Chargemaster Lite

The new RCBS ChargeMaster Lite packs unparalleled powder-measuring accuracy in a compact package. The one-piece unit features an LCD touchscreen display that ensures accurate data input. 

The hopper holds nearly a pound of smokeless powder, and can dispense anywhere between 2-300 grains with a +/-0.1-grain accuracy. The ChargeMaster Lite is an effective, accurate powder-measuring tool, at a price that won't break the bank. 


2-300 grain powder dispense range 
+/-0.1 grain accuracy (0-500 grains) 
Ambidextrous scale pan 
LCD Touchscreen display 
Durable On/Off and Dispense buttons 
Wind Cover 
Powder hopper and quick-drain system 
Built in bubble level 
120/240V switching power supply

Ruger American - New Options
Ruger MKIV - Takedown

Ruger MKIV - Takedown

While the heavily redesigned Mark IV maintains the same classic outward appearance as the Mark III, it incorporates a significant improvement customers will love - a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping. A recessed button in the back of the frame allows the upper receiver to tilt up and off of the grip frame without the use of tools. The bolt simply slides out of the receiver and the barrel can be properly cleaned from chamber to muzzle.

Ruger Precision Rimfire
Ruger Precision Upgrade Rifle

Ruger Precision Upgrade Rifle

The Ruger Precision Rifle is a highly configurable, in-line recoil path, bolt-action rifle. Available in .308 Win, 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5 Creedmoor, the Ruger Precision Rifle Upgrade Model offers outstanding accuracy and long-range capability, at a price that's hard to believe.

Savage Arms - AccuFit Technology
Season 1 / Episode 1

Meet the NIOA TV Team. See why the ATA 686 series of shotguns are causing quite a stir. Damo road tests the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. Mick shows us the the new Polymact? Polymakt?.... ahhh Polymag air rifle pellets from Predator.

Season 1 / Episode 2

On this episode we check out the Leupold RCX Trail Camera, we find out the difference between centrefire and rimfire ammunition and Bushy destroys the morning tea biscuits with a Diana 31 Panther air rifle. Oh yeah... and Mick gets his Waggler out.

Season 1 / Episode 3

On this episode of NIOA TV we test standard velocity, high velocity & hyper velocity rimfire ammunition. Ken takes us through the basics of shotgun cleaning and maintenance. It's chaos in Mick's Warehouse as we try to get an episode filmed.

Season 1 / Episode 4

On this Episode of NIOA TV, Ken gives his rifle a good clean, Damo gives us a look at what's inside his gun safe, Mick dances on Plano cases and Bushy... well Bushy is a little overworked.

Season 1 / Episode 5

On NIOA TV it's our biggest episode ever with Bushy showcasing the Ruger American Rifle. Ken explains how to work out the gauge of your's so complicated, he needs to bring in our resident nerd, Nigel. Damo road tests the Ruger 77/44 All Weather and Matt takes you behind the scenes of the NIOA Law Enforcement & Military Department.

Season 2 / Episode 1

We are back! In this episode Bushy shows off his objective lens size, Ken wades through some .223 ammo, Damo road tests the Anschutz 1780 and Mick puts the boot in. People have been asking why it has taken so long to get this episode out. Rumours that Matt was on holiday for two months in New Zealand are completely untrue.

Season 2 / Episode 2

On this episode of NIOA TV, we compare the knockdown power of 17HMR against 22WMR. We also test the accuracy between 17HMR and 22WMR. Mick puts his Nieto Pigsticker on display and Matt and Damo hold the fort while Ken and Bushy go away.

So settle in and enjoy Australia's favourite shooting program - NIOA TV!

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Season 2 / Episode 3

What an episode! Matt catches up with the cowboys and cowgirls at the Single Action Trials at the Gold Coast Pistol Club. Damo and Ken do a bit of reloading and Mick is looking good in his Blackhawk underwear. All this and more coming up on Australia's favourite shooting show. NIOA TV!

Season 2 / Episode 4

Ken and Damo show how easy it is to reload your own shotshells. Bushy shows off the very popular Counterstrike scope from Redfield. Mick protects his hearing with Pro Ears and we are all getting excited about our new NIOA Facility. It's Australia's favourite shooting show - NIOA TV.

Season 2 / Episode 5

Coming up on this episode on NIOA TV - Bushy, Damo & Ken go through the range of Akkar Churchill Shotguns. Nigel talks about the new Leupold Custom Shop and Mick does a bit of bench resting.

Season 2 / Episode 6

It's our Season Finale! Catch up with Matt, Bushy, Mick and Damo at the Brisbane Sporting Clays as they sponsor the Federal 5000. Ken couldn't make it, 'cause he was at the gym... apparently. Find out what we are putting under the Christmas tree and we have our final facility update for 2013.

Season 3 / Episode 1

You wanted it, we've got it. NIOA TV starts this season with Australia's first 3 barrel shotgun, the Akkar 3. Damo checks out the Leupold Kenai Spotting Scope and Mick has a wander around his new warehouse. It's Australia's favourite shooting show... NIOA TV!

Season 3 / Episode 2

It's a HUGE episode with Leupold Binoculars, Weaver Kaspa Scopes, OTIS Cleaning Products and MetalMAG Air Rifle Pellets. We even let Ken have a go at being the cameraman. Australia's favourite shooting show - NIOA TV!

Season 3 / Episode 3

We road test the Kimber Rimfire Super Target on this episode of NIOA TV. The BOSS talks about some crazy firearm legislation. Bushy explains warranty, Mick starts to clear out the warehouse and Ken makes sure the new building is ready to move into. It's Australia's favourite shooting show, NIOA TV!

Season 3 / Episode 4

In this episode of NIOA TV, Ken gives you a guided tour of the new NIOA facility and gets fired in the process. Damo goes shooting in the new 100 metre test fire range. Bushy relaxes in the firearm showroom and Matt shoots a 50 calibre Barrett sniper rifle. It's chaos in the armoury as Nigel helps out and Mick gives us a tour of his new warehouse.

We are giving you exclusive access to see what goes on in one of Australia's most secure buildings. It's the new NIOA Facility only on NIOA TV!!!

Season 3 / Episode 5

It's our season finale and Bushy checks out the Barrett M98B Tactical. Ken and Damo compare the accuracy and velocity of the Ruger American Rimfire Rifle. Greg gets his Soft Armour balls out and Mick shows us his Bog Pod. Merry Christmas! It's NIOA TV!

Season 4 / Episode 1

We kick off this season of NIOA TV by patterning a whole range of Eley Shotshells. There's trouble at NIOA HQ as a few key staff are in hospital and Nigel takes on the demanding role of CEO. Welcome to NIOA TV!

Season 4 / Episode 2

In this episode of NIOA TV, Damo dusts off his tweeds for a bit of Akkar side by side shooting. Bushy talks Eley, Ken talks Leupold and Mick talks Plano. It's Australia's favourite shooting show - NIOA TV!

Season 4 / Episode 3

On this episode of NIOA TV - Bushy road tests the Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle and Damo has a look at the Savage Rascal. Ken checks out the awesome range of Champion electric traps, Mick gives us a very brief rundown of BlackHawk and the Boss gives us some terrifying news. It's NIOA TV!

Season 4 / Episode 4

Damo and Mick look at Savage rimfire rifles, Ken checks out some Leupold binoculars and Bushy road tests the Akkar black synthetic shotgun. A long term employee resigns and dishes the dirt on the boss in a REVEAL ALL interview! It's an explosive episode of NIOA TV that can't be missed!

Season 4 / Episode 5

It's our final episode for 2015. We check out the Akkar XM12, compare 12 gauge rifled slugs, Ken and Bushy won't stop fighting and we take aim at some papier maché deer. Merry Christmas from NIOA TV.

Season 5 / Episode 1

We kick off 2016 with the new ATA 686EL. Damo road tests the Ruger American Ranch Rifle. Everyone will be excited to see the new Adler Synthetic Lever Action and Ken does a bit of cleaning. Welcome to NIOA TV.

Season 5 / Episode 2

We've got stacks of STUFF on this episode of NIOA TV. Bushy checks out our funky new Kimber Southern Cross Pistol, Damo road tests the Lyman Borecam, Mick takes us through the range of SOG Folders and Ken... well, Ken gets inducted into the Queensland Clay Target Shooter's Hall of Fame. It's Australia's favourite shooting show - NIOA TV!

Season 5 / Episode 3

On this episode of NIOA TV we compare a Leupold VX-3i with a Swarovski Z3, a Meopta Meopro and a Zeiss Terra. Nothing too scientific, just our opinion.

Season 5 / Episode 4
Season 6 / Episode 1
Season 6 / Episode 2
Season 6 / Episode 3
Season 7 / Episode 1

Bushy & Ken review the Savage Model 110 and Bushnell Elite. Ken talks reloading and Matt purchases some new sound effects. It's NIOA TV!

Season 7 / Episode 2

The Ruger Precision Rimfire is so popular in Australia it is extremely difficult to keep up with the demand. Find out all about this innovative product from Ruger. You can also find out how much pepper Ken likes with his spaghetti. NIOA TV.

Season 7 / Episode 3

Join Bushy & Ken as they road test the NEW Savage A22R Repeater. NIOA TV!

SSAA Junior Safety Course

NIOA TV teamed up with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) to run a Junior Safety Course for 16 juniors. If you or your child wants to get into the shooting sports, here is the first step in getting a firearms licence.

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